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How Do You Get a Selection of Photos (hidden/not in body)to Choose from When Pinning from a Website?

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Code I use to hide photos on my website using the html code:

<div style="display: none;"> </div>


How can you allow pinners to choose from the selection of photos on that website post plus the hidden one? How can you make that a functionality?

I feel like I've pinned from other websites where when I went to "pin" and I was met with like 3-5 selections of photos I saw and some I didn't even see on their website to choose from.

And now I'm realizing, as I'm trying it on my website, I'm only able to get the chance to pin from only the one photo I click on, rather then a selection of photos from that particular post and definitely not a hidden photo either.

See below for what I pin to Pinterest from my website, I then go back and "hide" the photo because I never liked the lettered/advertisement type pins in the body/main content of my recipe posts.


See a website post example:


And see longform "Pinterest style" pin I use for Pinterest advertisement for recipe as above:

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Hi @lovelyladybugs!


I noticed that the image that you'd like to hide is still visible on your website post. I would say that the best way to know if it works, would be by trying it out. Pinners can choose from the variety of images you have on your website post if they paste the post link on the "Save from website" field of the Pin builder.


Just like this: 



Let me know if it worked out for you!

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