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How are my metrics?

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Hello, I have been pinning for a few months and am often wondering how my metrics are. Is there some kind of average or benchmark I can compare my metrics to?

I have created 1000 fresh 2:3 ratio pins using images from the product pages of my ecommerce store. I am trying to get traffic to my store.

Here are my metrics so far: DEC 01 2020 - MAR 31 2021
Pins: 1000-1100
Impressions: 69.03k
Engagements: 1.01k
Total audience: 27.23k
Engaged audience: 326
Followers: 9

Is this what I should expect or could I probably be doing much better than this?

Thank you!

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Loves to help

@BrightLifeCurator the growth is so different for every single account that you can't say whats good, bad or average 🙂

If you want traffic you should really focus on the outbound clicks since those are the ones actually leading away from pinterest and on your site 🙂 

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