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Error in accounting

New member

I have seen this before on assorted solo ad providers, but thought Pinterest would be different, charging me three times for each click.

They report I had 1.4K clicks on three pins I created and boosted for like 14 days.

Google Analytics calls it differently. TOTAL visitors from Pinterest for the last six weeks only amounts to 533. Slightly more than 1/3 what they are billing for.

Damnation. Where is the truth in business today? Inflating perceived value of products, inflating the reports and charging people for stuff that didn't happen.


And the pin I boosted that got a tremendous amount of interest on FB was rejected for being "sensitive". Check it out and you tell me just what is sensitive about a '68 Buick picture?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @snakeoilsalesman! Welcome to the community. You can appeal the rejection decision with our support team here. For the discrepancy with the clicks, the metrics being compared here are completely different and for now, we do not have a metric that can be accurately compared to Google Analytics. If you'd like, you can file another ticket with our team so they can take a look at the URLs to ensure they're set-up properly. Hope that helps, and let me know if there's anything else we can assist you with. 👍 

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