Do boards matter anymore for traffic? (One mega-board versus a dozen smaller subtopic boards)

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Do boards matter anymore in terms of traffic to your feed? I've noticed that my pins actually perform better when grouped into one mega-board vs smaller boards with narrower themes. Has anyone else experienced this? Without delving into the numbers too deep, it looks like last month when most of my pins were pinned to a handful of boards, they did almost twice as better (for clicks and impressions) versus this month when I spread content out over a dozen boards.

Any thoughts?

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I have a system where I pin to MY boards first (2 or 3) and the rest I pin to all my group boards.  Works well for me and my Pinterest clients. 

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Some of the most successful accounts in my niche just have 1-2 boards they pin to. So I'd say having lots of specific boards is definitively not necessary for traffic.

But they probably still can help if someone discovers your board via search.

Most of my impressions are distributed over 3 top boards.

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I am just learning how to use pinterest. Although an exciting experience, I feel somewhat overwhelmed since I went overboard in creating new boards. Although I wish to consolidate several of these boards, I get a message that this will cause the followers of a certain erased board to be lost. I wish there was a solution for this problem. Thanks.

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