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Deleted Pins Still Show Up in Search

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@PinterestGabby I have a pin that I have deleted from all my boards. It's not appearing in any of my pins or the search engines, but it does still appear active in a link.

How do I make sure my pin is deleted off Pinterest in totality?

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It seems this thread wasn't closed yet, so if you're still wondering...

The thing with deleted pins is that you only delete the one instance of the pin you've posted. Every save (repin) makes a new URL. So by deleting the original URL, the other ones still exist. All it takes is one repin and you don't get the pin deleted everywhere. You would have to go and message everyone to delete theirs also - which would in most cases be impossible.

If you see a pin that you deleted and it is still in the same board it was (your board), then it would be an issue for support. If the pin in search is repinned in someone else's board... you can't delete it.

The only way to delete pin from everywhere is to report it and I wouldn't try it with old pins leading to your domain as that might affect your account.

It is a little weird that it works this way, but it makes sense from user's perspective - if you make a board, save pins to it, you expect to revisit them later. If you saved a DIY project ideas to do later and it would disappear next time you go back to the board, you wouldn't be happy about it.

Guess it's up to the Pinterest algorithm to determine if the pin is no longer relevant, old, spam etc.

- Alesia Skye: @ScatteredQuotes & @Kontentsia
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