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Best Practice: Spreading Fresh Pins

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Hi I currently create about 6 fresh pins daily and plan to increase it. I wanted to confirm what the best practice is in terms of pinning across an entire day. Tools like Tailwind would most times suggest pinning times that are maybe 5-10 mins apart and in some cases an hour apart.

So would pinning 5-10 mins apart not be classed as spamming or should I pin like 3-4 hrs apart to cover 24hrs?


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I like to pin once per hour during the time frame my buyer's persona is most active. For me that somewhere in the range of 7AM to 7PM Eastern Standard Time USA. My most active viewers are in NY and LA (not surprising since they are large markets) so I try to straddle the three hour time zone difference. More often than not, however, I focus on East coast times - meaning I don't always drop in the 6PM or 7PM pins that would hit LA at 3PM and 4PM.  My best slots are typically 7AM, 12PM, and 4PM EST as far as impressions go. I would also recommend pinning slightly off exact times, as many people schedule on the 1/2 hour or hour. For example, you may get more bang for your pin at 4:09 versus 4:00 exactly. Try to think of your audience (buyer's persona) if you want to spread out your pins. Consider the time zone but also the demographics. What does your audience do for work? When are they up? When are they most likely to search social media? If you are offering business solutions you may want to stick to 9-5 pinning. But if you offer home solutions to working parents, you may want to consider posting before 9AM and after 5PM. The more you time your pin to when your audience is most active, the better chance you have for you pin to attract lots of views. Lastly, while I think Pinterest at some level rewards consistency, consider a strategy where you pre-schedule most pins but occasionally pin at odd times (publish now feature). You'd be surprised at how big an audience a pin at some random time will get.



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