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Amazon Attribution tracking tag

New member

I'm trying to add an Amazon Attribution tracking tag to my Pinterest ad but keep getting an invalid URL error.

Here are the steps I took:

1. Created a campaign and ad group in Amazon Attribution and copied the generated tag.

2. In Pinterest ads I clicked to edit the ad group and went down to the ad.

3. Clicked review selected pins and expanded the Ad tracking URL section.

4. Selected Pin clicks and pasted the generated tag from Amazon Attribution.

When I click save, I get an error message saying the URL is invalid.


Has anyone been able to successfully add a tracking tag from Amazon Attribution in their Pinterest ad? 

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Hi @sharonw4566 and welcome to the PBC!
The reason you are getting this error message is that the tracking URL field on the ad group as well as on the ad level are reserved for parallel click tracking URLs. You can append your parameters onto the link in the Destination URL field instead.
Let us know if you were able to do it!


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