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Advise on product pins and boards

New member

Hi everyone. I just started a new Pinterest business account for my company Dragon Vaults. I am manufacturing wooden accessories for medicinal cannabis patients.

I made a board for my products but I am utterly confused about what boards to make, what to post, and what not to do.

Do I have to become a blogger to market my products? (I suck at blogging)

Do I have to spend most of my time producing videos? I am just one person. I have to produce items as well.

Do the other boards (the ones I don't post my products in) have to be directly related to my products? Is it boards that my customers might also be interested in even if it has nothing to do with my brand? That would be anything in the world.

Often I get the "Tip" to just post 30 to 5000 new products a day. Very funny! I have six products. Product development takes time and I won't be able to create multiple new products a day.

Basically, I am completely overwhelmed and discouraged. I have 4 pins and according to all the advice out there,  nothing else will fit my brand (or everything will) except, of course, award-winning blog posts which I don't have.

In addition to that my niche is a legal grey-zone so this all could be banned any minute anyway.

Sorry for the gloomy post, any guidance is very welcome!

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