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Ad Creation

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So I just recently created a business account and started posting pins. I'm looking to turn those pins into ads to reach a broader audience but whenever I click on create ad, I get directed to a site that has a prompt that says "Welcome To The Pinterest Ads Manager!" and then has a location bubble to determine what currency to use. When I enter my location as the United States, an error message pops up that says "Something went wrong. Please try again." This has been going on now for 3 days every time that I try.


Is there any way to fix this or go around it? Any solutions anyone has will be greatly appreciated. 

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Loves to help

Did you set-up your ads correctly? Have you completed all these steps?

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@jisabegovic Hi there Welcome to the PBC!

I just read your post and I was curious if computer or IOS has been updated since the last big rollouts I was speaking with a couple of other Pinterest users who had a similar problem and when I asked them if their software et al. was up to date they mentioned they hadn't updated but when they did their issue with Pinterest Ads was resolved. If this is not the case for you consider reaching out to Pinterest Ads Support for some assistance on this.

I am sure that Ads Support can help you. I use Ads as well and I checked my account and all seems okay.

I hope this helps you and please do come back if there are any issues.


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