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Tips for preventing creator burnout

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Hey PBC, wanted to give some motivational words and tips to keep in mind as a creator to help prevent burnout. 

  • Always start each day off with a clear mind, fresh attitude and driven movements. 
  • Keep confidence in yourself and what you create! One of my best practices is daily affirmations.
  • Find what is exciting and inspiring to you when creating. (Stick to what you LOVE)
  • Never be afraid to step away to step back correctly. (Rest to stay at your best)
  • Always network to learn more and improve for lasting successful growth. (Stay connected to positivity)
  • Everyday won’t be a good day but find time to celebrate and be proud of yourself. You are doing better than you think.

In the PBC you will always be able to find resources , tips, support and other creators who have similar challenges that you may have. Never be ashamed, never compare, but ALWAYS STAY INSPIRED & DRIVEN FOR BETTER!

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