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Shopify Best Practices: The Essentials

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Hi PBC! We’re excited to share some best practices around one of our Pinterest Business Partners, Shopify! We’ve gathered some tips & tricks on how to get started using Shopify for your brand or business.

Shoppers on Pinterest are willing to pay more when they find something they love, 2x more per month be exact, than people on other social platforms. Shopify’s partnership with Pinterest provides merchants with an array of tools to start, grow, market and manage retail businesses of all sizes. The best part is that getting started on Pinterest is easy. Keep reading for more tips to set up and manage a great store on the platform. 

Use a business account 

Setup a new business account or linked business account to get access to Pinterest Analytics, a dashboard that provides insights on engagement, audiences and more that will help you build a winning content and media strategy. 

Use the Pinterest App for Shopify 

The app is a great way to create a seamless and automated workflow for managing products and ads. To get started, it only takes a few steps to upload your product catalog. Then, you can publish pins, ads, manage products and track performance with the Pinterest Tag– all from the Shopify Admin.Connect your account to reach even more people with ads, including a free $100 USD ad credit for new advertisers.

Become a Verified Merchant 

The Verified Merchant Program helps Pinners buy from vetted brands on the platform. The benefits of this program include a blue checkmark to let Pinners know you’ve been vetted, a Shop Tab on your profile and more. Check out the Merchant Guidelines and the Verified Merchant Program FAQ recap for more. 

Organize your boards 

It’s recommended that you organize your boards to include subsections that surface more keywords. This makes your store easier to find for Pinners. 

Use non-formatted website links 

Once Pinners have found your store (yay!), keep website links within their original format to create a better user experience for Pinners who have found something they love and are ready to learn more.

Visit Shopify to learn more information about how to leverage this platform to drive your business. 

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