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Securing Pinterest Brand Partnerships

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Hi, everyone! I've been seeing a lot of questions about how Pinterest Creators can get paid brand partnership opportunities. So I wanted to create a reference post here about just that! 🙂 This is a round-up of some helpful resources - plus tips for pitching / securing brand deals! 

So here we go... 


For the most part right now, it's up to the Creator to develop a relationship with a brand, pitch them, and work out the details of the arrangement.

Pinterest continues to build tools and resources to support us!  So for my first tip, I want to encourage anyone who's interested in brand partnerships to be sure you've joined the "Creator Community." This way, you can receive updates as new features and programs roll out.

You can do that at this link:



Next, check out the Brand Partnerships Workshop replay. (It’s a recording of the live workshop from June 2022!). Lots of gems and guidance in there! 

And, review this Help Center article about Brand Partnerships for Creators: 



Lastly, pitching to brands is a skill that will serve you sooooo well as a Creator. So here are three tips for doing that. (Note: These tips come from a guest piece that my friend Austen Tosone guest-penned for me. She's the expert, and I'm still learning on this topic!) 


a. Prep your Pinterest profile to attract - and send the right messages to - brands. 

"Think of a brand you want to pitch and then put yourself in that brand’s shoes. If they were to stumble across your Pinterest profile today, are there elements of your profile that would stand out to them and help them envision what a partnership together could look like?

For example, if you’re pitching a beauty brand but you haven’t posted any beauty content recently, they may look at your profile and think that you’re not the right match to share their products.

Make sure that… 

✔️ your name is clearly listed
✔️ you have a profile photo that is consistent with your profile photo on other social media channels
✔️ you list a website and claim that website
✔️ you have a profile description – so the brand representative can see what your Pinterest account is all about at a glance.

Also, include an email. That's usually how brands prefer to reach out. 


b. Personal pitches. 

Brands get so many pitches from influencers and creators that it’s better to focus on trying to build genuine connections with a few brands you really love.

I love this advice from Austen: 

"Brainstorm a list of 10-15 brands you think you may want to work with. Not sure where to start? Walk through your daily routine in your head.

What are you using to wash your face? Make your coffee? Walk your dog? Organize your tasks? 

Start to jot down brands that you use on a day-to-day basis and that you’re super familiar with – so you can make a stronger case when you reach out."

Spending the time writing personalized emails increases the odds that you’ll get a response and is well worth it!


c. Pitch the right person! 

Half of the battle is getting your pitch in the hands of the right person. This applies for Pinterest brand partnerships – and deals for any platform, of course! 

The person you’ll ideally want to reach out to at the brand you’re planning to pitch is someone in a marketing role.

Sometimes this person might have a broad job title like “marketing manager” and other times their title will be more clear like “influencer relations coordinator.”

Here are a few different ways to find brand contacts. (Put your detective cap on!) 

  • Google: sometimes finding an email can be as easy as a simple Google search, and you can even look up if a brand has a particular email format. If a brand uses the format then if you find a name later, you can guess their email.
  • The brand’s website: try heading to the brand’s website and see if they have a contact page where they may list an email for press inquiries or creator inquiries.
  • LinkedIn: do a few searches with the brand name and titles like “influencer relations” “influencer coordinator” “community manager” “marketing manager” “public relations representative” and so on.
  • Facebook groups: sometimes creators will be willing to trade contacts or share a contact that they’ve worked with in the past so feel free to ask away in groups and be prepared to swap contacts via Facebook Messenger. 


Pinterest brand partnerships are an exciting (and growing!) way to increase your impact and your income.

I hope this post answers some common questions, clarifies some things, and helps some Creators get started with pitching. 

Happy Creating!