Plan, Schedule and Repurpose Idea Pins Using PLANOLY’s Video Planner!

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Hey PBC!

Our partner PLANOLY is excited to announce that you can now organize and plan Idea Pins within PLANOLY’s Video Planner. This new integration allows users to upload, customize, schedule, and even repurpose Idea Pins for other channels–all in one place!

PLAN 📝: Focus on growing any business you manage instead of updating planning tools. Upload your video, draft the perfect caption and hashtags, and plan it alongside your video content for TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

SCHEDULE 🗓️: Select a date and time for your Idea Pin to publish and get alerted when it’s time to post. Seamlessly post on-the-go from the PLANOLY Mobile App!

REPURPOSE ♻️: Turn your TikToks into Idea Pins using Video Planner–or, customize your Idea Pins for TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube Shorts.

In addition to organizing your Pins on PLANOLY’s Pin Planner, jump over to the new Video Planner for all things Idea Pins! Try out this new feature with a 7-Day Trial, or visit the PLANOLY website to learn more.