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Re: Pinterest announces new partnership with Vimeo Create 🤝

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Attention, businesses and creators! Exciting news -- we’re thrilled to share that Vimeo Create is now an official  Pinterest Partner. Whether you’re just getting started in the world of video design or you’re an experienced editor, Vimeo Create can help you take your engagement and video ads to the next level. And the best part? You can publish videos directly to Pinterest AND try it for 30 days free. Talk about a win win. 🏆

Read all about the new partnership and how to get started on Vimeo’s blog. 

You can also learn more about creative best practices for video on our business site, or by checking out our creative courses on Pinterest Academy. 


We’d love to hear how you use video on Pinterest! Are you interested in trying Vimeo Create? Any creative best practices you'd like to share with the group? Share your tips and thoughts in the comment section below.


@PinterestGabby This is so great I know this will be a huge success! - Lisa😁


@PinterestGabby Hiii!

Thank you!!! 🙂

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Oh interesting. Is this only for the US or also for DACH?

Have a nice day!


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Ooh I’ve tried Vimeo before but never really got into it. Definitely giving it a go again!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Right on, @fabiolaetienne! We also have @vimeo in the PBC, too -- if you have any questions, feel free to @ mention them! 🙂 

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Wow this is cool, I will defiantly true Vimeo!! sound great!