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Re: Merchant Guidelines Update

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Our mission is to bring everyone the inspiration to create a life they love. We believe that when people find great products from brands that have been vetted for trustworthiness, it can empower them to do things they care about. To keep shopping on Pinterest inspirational and actionable, we routinely update our Merchant Guidelines.

You may have noticed several changes, and we hope this post can help provide more clarity!

All merchants on Pinterest must adhere to our Merchant Guidelines. If you received an email with regards to a Merchant Guideline violation, you will now have 2 appeal attempts to correct any violations. Please ensure you clearly explain any updates or changes made when submitting your appeal to help expedite the process. 

As part of our Merchant Guidelines, we do not allow certain prohibited products on Pinterest. If you received an email specifically about a product Pin containing prohibited products, the violating Pin will be removed. If you believe this is an error, please submit an appeal within 7 days via the link contained in the email. You will receive one email per violating Pin (up to a maximum of 50 per day), and the link in the email will also provide you with a one-time blurred view of the Pin in question. At the moment, you must appeal each Pin through each email received. Please note that these notifications do not affect any current shopping ad campaigns. 

Read more about our Merchant Guidelines here

Updates and Fixes


  • Some product Pins and rich Pins were being incorrectly identified as containing prohibited products. All impacted Pins have been restored.


Our support team is currently experiencing a heavy volume of support tickets. As a result, their responses may be a little delayed. Rest assured they are working as fast as we can to answer all your questions!

Thanks for reading! Please rate the article if it helped you, or leave a comment below if it was helpful or if you need more information around a recent change or update!

Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Thanks for this update @PinterestJoan !

New member

I've received multiple emails today about Pin violations. Apparently, there are some words triggering this, for example, a tie dye sweatshirt with the word "psychadelic" in the description.
To start, each of the items I am receiving emails about are not even in my product catalog any longer. I deleted them from Shopify months ago.  Second, I sell clothing and accessories, and not any of the items on the prohibited list. Clearly, there is some wording that is triggering this.  I've emailed the support team and hoping this can be resolved.  

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @seacoastpopup, thanks for bringing this up. I would recommend waiting to hear back from our Support team to see if they have any insight on why this is happening. I hope this gets resolved soon!