If I started over on Pinterest, this is what I would do

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I’ve been creating content on Pinterest for 10 years, and I’ll share with you 5 things I would do from the very beginning if I had to do it all over again.

  1. Define your purpose. Why are you here? What problems do you solve? Why would anyone spend time on your content, scrolling through your profile. It really comes down to building something significant; content that people relate to.

  2. It’s not just what you are passionate about; you have to think what do people want to see. I believe if you focus only on your passion, you're missing out on practicality and profitability. Your purpose should be driven by how your content creates engagement. Which leads me to:

  3. Following count and amount of views can become a vanity number. Stop trying to reverse engineer the algorithm. Quit spending time working yourself up with how many impressions and views you have, and put that time into what your audience, your community, wants to see and come back for. You can have a million followers and 100 millions views but that means nothing if you are trying to sell a book as an example, you need engaging content. Be clear on the why you are here in the first place, what problem you are solving, why would anyone want to buy your product or sign up for your service. Your focus needs to be on the end user, your community, that will act on your content, then come back for more.

  4. Finally, work through the times you fumble and stumble. You will make mistakes, it happens, we all make mistakes. And there will be times you have a bit of brain fog, your energy is a little low. Or maybe you’ve had some fear, or apprehension, or self doubt. Give yourself the room to make mistakes, learn from them, move on. Creating content is for the long haul. If you create content that speaks directly to your community, your niche, then mistakes won’t matter in the long term.

I hope this helps you, and I hope you find success in doing what you love, and sharing that dream with us.