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Idea Pin Templates Now Available on Vimeo & PicMonkey

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Hey Creators,

We're sharing that our partners at Vimeo and PicMonkey are making it easier for you to create Idea Pins fast and easy using Idea Pin templates.

  • Quick CreationOur partners have pre-built Pinterest templates designed in accordance with our Creative Best Practices.
  • Fast ActivationUsers can push their final Pin designs from the Creative Tool platform directly to their Pinterest account.
  • AccessibleAll Creative Tools platforms are free to access with premium upgrade options.
  • Trusted: Pinterest Partner Badge is awarded to partners after thorough vetting of their business, design capabilities, and opportunity for Pinterest.


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Dazzle all of Pinterest with your video. Vimeo Create takes the guesswork out of making quality Pins with gorgeous, pre-made video templates that you can customize in minutes.

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Put our designer-crafted Pinterest templates to work, and make something stunning.

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