How to stay motivated as a Content Creator

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Being a content creator can be an extremely rewarding experience, especially when you create around a topic you are passionate about. But this doesn’t mean you won’t go through challenging seasons, where finding the motivation to keep creating content and showing up can be a struggle. 

That’s why today I want to share with you three simple tips that have been helping me to stay motivated and consistent throughout my years as a content creator. I hope this inspires you, my dear fellow creator! 

#1 Simplify your content 

When I start to feel unmotivated around creating content, this is one of the first things I will do: simplify my content creation process. 

For example: instead of filming a super elaborated video with tons of scenarios and outfit changes, I will put my phone to film as I go about doing a specific task related to my content (for me, it can be reading, journaling, exercising, meditating, etc.) and then use the video to do a voice over with simple tips, or add some fun music and the tips in written form. 

This will allow you to slow down while still putting content out. 

#2 Allow yourself to take a break 

It can be scary to take time away from the online world, especially when you have an audience waiting for you to put new content out. 

But when feeling tired and unmotivated, the most loving thing you can do for yourself AND your audience is to allow yourself to rest and be away from the screens for a while. Maybe it’s a weekend, a week, a month, or more… whatever may be possible for you now. 

Use this recharging time to connect with other aspects of your life that make you feel happy and energized. From baking your favorite cake to spending time with your loved ones, long warm baths, and even doing nothing as you watch your favorite shows. 

This will help your brain, body, and creativity to rest and reset for when you are ready to start creating again. 

#3 Go look for inspiration offline 

I love to collect inspiration online, but sometimes this can lead to falling into the comparison trap, feeling less-than other creators, and doubting yourself. 

That’s why looking for inspiration beyond the screens is important. Here are some of my favorite out-of-the-interwebs places to look for it:

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Museums 
  • Street fairs 
  • Movie theaters
  • Concerts 
  • Classes & workshops 
  • Conversations with people I admire 
  • Libraries
  • Antique stores 
  • Going anywhere new 

I would love to know in the comments: what are some of YOUR favorite places to look for inspiration online? 

Feeling unmotivated around something that used to light us up can feel discouraging; I’ve been there. Quoting one of my favorite John Mayer songs: 

“It's just a phase, it's not forever

It's just a phase, but I still might have a ways to go”

It’s not forever, but it’s part of your journey. So please have patience and grace with yourself as you go through it.

You got this!