How to Grow Your Pinterest Account using Instagram

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Many Pinterest users have asked what's the fastest way to grow their Pinterest account. What I know for sure is there's no quick and easy way to increase followers. It took years for me to reach over 20,000 followers on Pinterest. Like at least five years...

>> Here's how I reached my first 20K followers on Pinterest <<

While I'm still learning different ways to grow my account, here are 3 simple ways I use Instagram to continue to grow on Pinterest:

1. Insert your Pinterest URL in the website section of your profile. 

  • Go to "Edit Profile"
  • Insert your Pinterest profile URL in the website section



2. Share your Pinterest handle in captions.

  • In your IG posts and reels, share your Pinterest handle in your captions. 


3. Insert a Call to Action in your bio.

  • Go to "Edit Profile"
  • Under "Bio", insert a call to action such as "Let's connect on Pinterest!"



Bonus: Use hashtags containing "Pinterest". 

Help your Pinterest audience find you by using hashtags containing "Pinterest" and your niche.

Based on your niche, consider the following hashtags:

#mypinterest #pinterestinspiration #pinterestboards #pinterestfashion #pinterestaesthetic #pinteresthome #pinterestinspo

Got more tips to share? Let's learn and grow together!  

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