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How I went from 49K to 67K followers in a year!

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As a new year starts, it’s time to reevaluate our goals and plan the next steps in the journey. The same goes for your brand and business goals!

That’s why this is the perfect time to talk about the best growth strategy on Pinterest! I will share some of my biggest lessons from 2022 that allowed me to go from 49K followers to 67K over the last twelve months. 

A life-changing motto

A healthy and sustainable growth strategy on Pinterest can be summed up in three words:

“Consistency beats intensity.”

The beauty of the platform is that it rewards consistency instead of intensity. Posting three or four Idea Pins a day can actually damage your reach.

Posting one Idea Pin a week is a fantastic place to start your growth strategy or give yourself space to breathe.  

Confession time: There were months in 2022 when life got in the way, and I could only post two or three Idea Pins in a month. And guess what? I still grew!

It’s all about the long haul

Another essential part of a balanced growth strategy on Pinterest is remembering that content here is evergreen! So the work you put in will give you fruits for years to come! 

I still have Idea Pins from three years ago that take people to my blog. So it does pay off to be consistent!

With evergreen in mind, be mindful of only creating trends. The rule of thumb is: 

  • Create around trends to reach a new audience
  • Create evergreen to nourish your audience & solve their more common challenges. Like a guide, they can always go back to. 

Together they make a healthy balance for sustainable growth!

In 2023 remember: it’s ok to do less, but do it often.

Cheers to our best year yet! 🥂