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How I Got My First 20K Followers on Pinterest

Pinterest Pioneer
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Ready to reach more people on Pinterest? 
Followers don't necessarily equate to business sales or website traffic. But a large following does help build credibility and increase views of your content.
After years of trial and error, I learned a thing or two about how to gain followers month after month.
Here's how I got my first 20,000 followers on Pinterest...
1. Test, test, test.
For my first 10K followers, I tested a lot of different fonts, font sizes, images, titles and so forth.
Then, I created a template for what worked best and that helps to save a lot of time. To this day I continue to make adjustments as new features roll out.
So, create at least two pins for every content you post to test different titles, colors, and images. Sometimes a font size can make all the difference in the number of saves.
In your Pinterest analytics, see which pin does better by the end of two weeks. Continue to repin the "better" pin in future months to come.
2. If it feels spammy, stop.
Being consistent with pinning and creating new content helped me reach my next 10,000 followers. 
When it comes to posting content, be mindful of pinning too frequently. What counts as "too frequently"?
Well, there isn't an exact number out there. But if you're pinning and posting so frequently that it feels like work, you're probably on the spammy side.
It's definitely not worth your time to message other Pinterest users to follow your account or check out your profile. If anything, it's the fastest way to get your account deactivated or blocked.
3. Create infographics & quotes.
Each month, my highest performing pins is either an infographic or quote. Since most pinners are searching for inspiration, pins containing quotes tend to get a lot of saves.
Pinners also like infographics because all the information they are searching for can be viewed in one place. They don't have to take that extra step to find out more by clicking to read the content on a different site. 
4. Keep designs simple.
Whenever I tried to get fancy with pin designs, I noticed my stats dropped. Since viewers are scollling through their feed, having simple designs helps them know quickly whether they want to save your pin, click to learn more or move on. 
Simplicity is key. This goes for selecting easy-to-read fonts and simple images too.
5. SEO like whoa.
Remember that Pinterest is a search and discovery tool. So engaging and properly keyworded content drives website traffic to your blog, regardless of followers.
For SEO (search engine optimization) purposes, it’s best to write a short description of your business with at least a couple of keywords for your blog topics.
Use keywords in your description and images. This way when people search for a specific keyword, your board or pin shows up.