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Have you tried creating a "this or that" Idea pin?

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Greetings, Creators! Have you tried creating a "this or that" Idea pin? 

This is a simple "approach" to Idea pins. I've found that pinners really love these!

In it, you compare two things.


  • how to do something the "right" way vs. the "not so right" way 😉 
    • (how to use a paring knife safely vs. in a way that isn't safe) 
    • (how to do a glute bridge the right way vs. doing one in a way that doesn't protect your back) 
    • (how to write a Pinterest bio that's boring :))) vs. one that attracts the right followers) << *Yes, I've made that Idea pin! 
  • style a bookshelf with a modern, minimalistic vibe vs. style the same shelf with an eclectic boho vibe. 
  • ingredients for a high-sugar smoothie vs. a low-sugar smoothie 
  • the bedtime routine that didn't work for you vs. the bedtime routine that helped you fall asleep faster 


... You get the picture! The possibilities are, of course, endless! 

So, next time you're in need of a new idea - or a fresh approach to an Idea pin - try out a "this or that" concept. And let us know how it goes (in the comments of this post!). 

PS - I've been curating a board of "this or that" Idea Pins that inspire me. You can check it out right here. It may give you some fresh ideas for your own pins!