Have You Had a Pin Go Viral? Here's How to Check!

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You work so hard creating perfectly designed and keyword-optimized pins in hopes that at least one (or more) will become "viral" at some point.  (Note:  "viral" is subjective and will vary from account to account) As you may know, not every pin is going to take off right away. Most will take months or more to really start gaining traction.  And then there will be some that just won't do much.  TIP: Always create a variety of different pins for a post or product.  You may be surprised at what design your audience engages with most!

Identifying if one of your pins has gone viral on your Pinterest account involves monitoring key metrics and observing significant spikes in engagement and reach. I like to review my metrics at lease once a month and a do deeper dive each quarter.  Here's how to determine if a pin has gone viral:

  1. Impressions: A viral pin typically will receive a significantly higher number of impressions compared to your other pins. To check this, go to your Pinterest Analytics and look at the "Impressions" metric for the pin in question. If you see a sharp and sustained increase in impressions compared to your usual pins, it's a positive sign.

  2. Saves: Viral pins often get shared and repinned (saved) extensively. Check the "Saves" metric for the specific pin. If you notice a substantial increase in saves compared to your other pins, it could be a sign of virality.

  3. Clicks: A viral pin can also drive a lot of traffic to your website or other linked content. Examine the "Clicks" (Pin Clicks and Outbound Clicks) metrics to see if the pin has generated a notable increase in clicks compared to your other pins.

  4. Engagement Rate: Calculating the engagement rate for a pin can help you identify viral content. This is measured as the sum of saves, clicks, and video views divided by the total number of impressions. A high engagement rate suggests that the pin is resonating with users.

  5. Comments and Interactions: Check for a surge in comments and interactions on the pin. Viral content often sparks conversations and gains a lot of likes, which can be a clear indicator of its popularity.

  6. Notifications: Pinterest may also send you notifications when a pin starts to gain significant attention. Keep an eye on your Pinterest notifications for updates on your pin's performance.

  7. Pinterest Trends: Another way to gauge whether your pin has gone viral is by monitoring Pinterest Trends. If you see your pin trending in a specific category or with specific keywords, it's a strong sign that it's gaining popularity.

Remember that virality on Pinterest can vary depending on your niche, audience, and the timing of your pin. What constitutes "viral" can differ from one Pinterest account to another. Keep a close eye on your Pinterest Analytics and be ready to adapt your strategy to capitalize on the success of viral pins.