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Pinterest knows trends—like really knows. And our trends last longer, spike faster and start earlier. If you’ve been looking for your next idea or want some extra help in finding inspiration, get ready to meet your new BFF in content planning.

Pinterest’s exclusive creator feature, Creation Inspiration suggests topics and prompts for creating your best content yet and is updated twice a month to keep the ideas as fresh as can be.

It’s important to note that access to Creation Inspiration is only available on mobile and you’ll need to have a business account and have created one Idea Pin. To access the feature: 

  1. Head to your Creator Hub 
  2. Tap “Inspiration” (light bulb icon) at the top left corner 
  3. Get inspired! 

Create in the blanks with Unpinned Spaces 

We’re also excited to introduce you to Unpinned Spaces, a new type of trend insight from us that identifies steadily growing trends without enough content. (Hint, hint: here’s where you come in!) Since these trends are based on what Pinners search most, you’ll be one of the first to get your ideas in front of a waiting audience! 

Here’s a sneak peek at the Unpinned Spaces for October: 

  • Heatless overnight curls
  • Mississippi pot roast
  • Bright puffer coats 
  • Fall front porch decor 
  • Postpartum workouts 

Currently, Unpinned Spaces are available in the United States and across the fashion, hair and beauty, food and home decor verticals, but we hope to expand this soon. You can only find them in Creation Inspiration and they’ll always have a 🎯(target emoji) to indicate they’re an Unpinned Space. 

See Unpinned Spaces in action 

If you’re curious to see an example of Unpinned Spaces in action, check out hair creator @melissafrusco's content around September’s “bubble braid” Unpinned Space. We also tapped her to show us her Pin performance and give us the scoop on what happened after she created around this trend. 

Head there now!

Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Thank you @PinterestJoan ! I have to try Mississippi pot roast!

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Great and helpful info on the target emoji. Unpinned spaces.

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Community Manager


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What a hidden feature, I will try this now.

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The Unpinned Spaces encourages my content creation align with what people are searching and need inspiration for. This is a great feature, thank you!

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Thanks Pinterest, this is a great feature, happy to be here!


Community Manager
Community Manager

@californiapointe @umeridrisi @eschmorleitz yesss love to hear it!! ❤️ 

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Que bien me siento de haber encontrado esto, que me ayuden a crear los pines para cada dia hacerlos mejor. Super Feliz, Gracias !!

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Very interesting I would like to take advantage and I will start 


@MoOnTiendaDigital, Hola, nos alegra saber que te ha gustado. También tenemos una comunidad en la que publicamos contenidos en español, ¡por si te interesa! 😊