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Creator Tips & Tricks: Tried and true methods from a Pinterest Pioneer

Pinterest Pioneer
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Hi creators!

My name is Laura, and I want to share a few useful Tips & Tricks with you that have helped me on my journey as a Pinterest Creator.

Whether you are a seasoned creator, or just getting into the magic of it all, some basic best practices remain true for everyone:

  • Utilize this community (The PBC) There are so many helpful resources here, including talented creators and experts in social media marketing. Take time to check in on daily posts, read reply’s, and don’t shy away from asking questions.
  • Connect! Be social! Take time to interact with others on Pinterest and here in the community.
  • Add a bio to your Pinterest profile and your profile here on the PBC. This makes it easy for others to see exactly who you are and why they should follow you.
  • Add your Pinterest link to your PBC profile. This is a quick way for users to find your Pinterest account and start interacting with your posts.
  • Be consistent with your pinning

    Consistency is key in growing any business, especially online. Your audience needs to know what to expect from you and when to expect it. Aim for posting niche specific content AT LEAST once a week to see growth.

  • Be mindful of margins. There’s nothing more frustrating than clicking on an enticing pin, only to have the caption or image cut off by the margins or overlay. Check before you post!    

Create Idea Pins!

Idea pins are “the talk of the town” here at Pinterest, and my advice is: join in on the conversation. When creating idea pins, the following tips may help them perform best:

  • Use a mix of video and static images. Be sure to add a title to the first slide.
  • Use only vertical, high quality, original content + images/videos.
  • Shoot for 3-4 slides per Idea Pin. Too few seems unfinished and too many leads to info overload.
  • Utilize the last slide of an Idea Pin to invite fellow pinners to follow you. This is a great place to add your logo and brand colors to a personal image which keeps you easily recognizable for the future.
  • Idea Pins now have the ability to include product links, animated stickers, @mentions, add a take and more! The more of these options you take advantage of the more likely your pin is to perform well.
  • Encourage your audience to engage by adding a call to action (CTA) in your pin and remind them to leave a comment, save the pin to a board, or add a take!       
  • Refrain from posting watermarked pins from other platforms (they won’t perform as well).                 

I hope these basic tips are helpful. Be sure to check out the attached Pinterest links AND LEAVE A COMMENT OR QUESTION BELOW

📌Happy Pinning!