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Canva x Pinterest Design School Video Series 🎥

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Hi, PBC! Any Canva users in the house!? We’re super excited to share an amazing new resource for our creator community. We teamed up with Pinterest Partner, Canva, to bring you a [free!] 6-part video series led by senior creator marketing lead, Ashley Schroeder, to help you create beautiful, engaging content to grow your audience on Pinterest. You’ll learn how to unlock the value of Pinterest as a creator and get setup to start creating. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the lessons you can check out: 

  • Why create on Pinterest?
  • Types of Pins
  • Design a Pin
  • Stay consistent 
  • Build your following
  • Audience engagement

Who’s ready to get started?! Check out the series HERE and let us know what you think! 💜