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6 Tips to Get Started with Pinterest Ads as a Total Beginner

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Getting started with Pinterest ads for the first time is exciting and confusing all wrapped up into one little package. It’s a new year and you have new goals so let’s dig into how you can finally launch your first or next Pinterest ad campaign.

To start you will need a business account and to create your advertising account by simply going into the ads menu and it will generate for you.

Install Your Tag

Nothing should happen in your Pinterest ads account until you install your Pinterest tag. If you don’t have a website that supports a Pinterest tag install like Etsy then keep reading. However, if you do have the ability to install a tag then you should do so to ensure proper tracking of your investment.

The most simple way to install your tag is with Google Tag Manager however you can install it directly on your site as well.

Refer to this article for more details on installing your Pinterest tag.

Once you have your tag installed be sure your events are also installed. Pinterest event codes track the events that fire when someone takes action on your site.

These typically get installed on thank you pages but websites like Shopify install these for you once you connect the Pinterest app to Shopify.

Refer to this article for installing event codes.

Now that you have tracking installed on your website it’s time to move on to the fun part.

Validate Your Offer

Next up begins the research phase of launching your Pinterest advertising campaign. Research!

Head to the Pinterest search bar and begin searching for the product or offer you’ll be promoting using keyphrases your audience are searching for.

You will want to ensure the product or offer you’re promoting is something the audience on Pinterest is actively looking for.

Research Your Keywords

I firmly believe that almost every campaign you run on Pinterest should have at least a few keywords. 

Take a moment to research keywords you want to add to your campaign to help the platform better understand who to target.

Make a list of keywords you’d like to add to your campaign that are targeted to the product you’re promoting.

Try to find at least 25 keywords to add to your campaign.

Choose Your Interests 

Most audiences on Pinterest can be reached via interest targeting. This allows you to reach more people with your ad budget.

You’ll find a variety of interests to target on Pinterest to reach the right audience at the right moments in their lives.

Learn more about interest targeting.

Design Your Creative

Now that you have reached this stage it’s time to create your promoted pins. You want your creative to attract your target audience and help them to take action.

Depending on your overall campaign goal you may want to use the different creative types available you.

Review the creative product specs.

As a beginner I would stick with static images as much as possible until you have a handle on how to create and manage your campaigns.

Try to stick to one call to action and always use your branding!

My favorite place to go for creative best practices on Pinterest is this profile.

You want your creative to follow these 5 elements:

Actionable, original, positive, relevant and visually appealing.

Launch & Evaluate

Now that you’ve gotten this far it’s time to launch your campaign! You’ll head into your ads manager by going to ads > create a campaign.

Choose your objective then walk through each step adding the details you have already researched.

Once you have your campaign launched you’ll want to let it run before evaluating the overall performance.

Pinterest ads are an exciting way to diversify your audience and to reach new heights in your business.

Remember, if you feel stuck visit the advertising community and we are there to help you.