Re: 5 Ways to Improve Your Pinterest Profile to Attract More Followers

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As creators and businesses who are sharing content on Pinterest we all want to be seen and gain followers. After all, we create our content with the intention of having someone seeing it, learning from it and even buying from it.

Having an engaged following, who’s interested in our content and wants more from us is a powerful way to grow our Pinterest account. These followers are our biggest cheerleaders and there are a few basic steps we can take to find them on Pinterest.

But before I share them, I want to remind you that the number of followers is not a measure of success on Pinterest and there are other factors that should be considered when thinking of growth.

1. Profile picture and banner: 

Make sure that you are using the same profile picture across all platforms you use for recognition. You can use your logo, but people connect more with faces. Create a banner, use this space to tell your audience more about what they will find in your account and content.

2. Profile name:

Use your brand or name here, but make sure to add two or three top keywords relevant to the content or niche you want to show up for on search.

3. Profile description:

Tell your audience how you can help them improve their lives, what solutions you offer and problems you solve. Make this space about what you have to offer and not just about you. Avoid just copying and pasting your social media bio here. Pinterest is different.

4. Website:

Add your website to your profile and claim it. If you don’t have a website, add the link to where your audience can find out more about you.

5. Boards:

Clean up and organize your boards. Make it easy for your audience to navigate your content. Turn boards that are not relevant to your future followers secret. Give all your public boards titles and description using keywords.

Follow these steps, optimize your Pinterest account profile, and, as long as you continue creating inspiring content intentionally, you will see more followers!


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Sooooooo helpful @terezatoledo

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Thanks @JanaOMedia !

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These are the best kind of tips because they are straightforward and easy to do. I mentioned to a member recently that sometimes going back to the Basics on Pinterest is the best way to make gains on Pinterest and improve your account.

Thank you for sharing this.


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Thanks @bodymindmood ! I'm a huge believer that every so often we need to go back to basics, specially when we feel stuck, Makes me think of weight lifting, every so often we need to go back and polish the basic moves ❤️.

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This is great! I think something people never think is important for their Pinterest account, is the board titles and descriptions. I think the board images can play a huge role in the engagement as well.

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Thank You!

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Thank you for this. I’d love seeing more posts breaking down how to use keywords on pins including idea pins