3 Tips to Lead with Value When Creating Pinterest Content

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When you’re developing your Pinterest marketing or content strategy as a creator or business owner, the key to build an audience willing to follow you, engage with your pins and take action, is to lead with value.

Not every pin you create should be a sales pitch, even when your goal is selling or getting your audience to take action. Your content should first give your audience value, nurture, and inspire.

1. Help Your Audience Grow

Creators can actually grow on Pinterest by pulling their audience in with quality content. Great content creates a connection between you and your audience and makes them want to buy your product, services or check your affiliate links because they see how much it can help them. 

When you create Pinterest content that shows how your product or service can make a difference in your audience’s life, you’re not simply asking them to buy from you: You’re teaching them something and showing them how you can help make something in their life that much better.

2. Don’t Just Sell

You can still be driving traffic to your website and generating sales without directing your audience to buy. Create content and pins that give your audience information about how what you have to offer will improve their lives. From there, you can just provide information by explaining where and how to get the product or service.. 

Now, you may be wondering how you can do this. It depends on what you have to offer. For example, let’s say that you’ve created a gratitude journal that helps people reflect on their lives. You can show your audience how you do that, and how you encourage that in others. Show the parts of your daily routine or things that you personally do in your life.

If you’re an artisan, show your audience how they can make their home look more beautiful with your product. Teach them how to style your creations in different decor, and show them how your product can make their home look nicer.

3. Nurture With Value

When you create pins and content that help people find the inspiration they’re looking for, you’re nurturing your audience with each and every piece of content. You’re helping them grow by providing value; you’re enriching their lives and making a difference. 

When you lead with value and offer value for free, you’re showing your audience that you see them as more than just dollar signs. You’re demonstrating that you want them to feel better after each and every piece of content that you share. 


I believe that this is a way to market in an ethical, feel-good way. You’re marketing while serving because you’re giving so much– you’re not just asking for money and saying “ok, bye, have a nice day.” Instead, you’re offering more for their time and money.

Give it a try! Create content that gives value, inspires, and nurtures. In no time, you'll have an engaged following that takes action and loves your content!