3 Tips for your best engagement EVER!

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Engagement. Such a pretty word. So many meanings to it. 

But fostering an engaged audience seems to be a challenge for many creators. That's why I am sharing my three top tips for creating a game-changer engagement strategy.

#1 Focus on teaching 

Pinterest is a unique platform. Most places online are about showing off, but over here, we are all about teaching and inspiring. 

So, instead of creating an Idea Pin like "Look how pretty and cozy my coffee is!" think "Here is my pretty and cozy coffee, and how you can make your own at home!". 

When you focus on serving your audience, you are building pillars of mutual trust and admiration. Engagement comes naturally and organically when you trust and admire a creator. 


#2 Make it personal & double down 

Instead of just hoping for saves and comments, make sure to make your call the action clear on the video. 

Two simple things you can do at your next Idea Pin are: 

  • Write "save it for later" on the bottom of your Idea Pin. 
  • Ask a question at the end of the video. Look straight at the camera, or do it through voice-over. Invite your audience to answer it in the comments. 

Still talking about inviting your audience to interact in the comments, double down, and writing the same answer in the comments as soon as you post. Then highlight your comment. 

This simple detail will ensure that your CTA is the first thing your audience sees—making it feel easier and inviting to comment. 


#3 Don't be a stranger & hold tight 

You did it! You created a fantastic piece of content focused on teaching and then added a clear call to action but then... 


*awkward silence*

If you haven't tried to interact with your audience this way before, take a deep breath and know it will take some time until they understand how to interact with your content. 

This initial phase is all about educating and modeling for them.

But hold tight and have patience! With time you will get one comment, then two, and three. Until it becomes routine and part of the culture you cultivate with your audience!

Beyond being consistent with engagement practices, one of the best ways to ensure it catches on is interacting back!

Answer the comments, answer follow-up questions if you see fit, and be a present figure in your comment section.

The more your audience sees that you are real, the more inclined and excited they will be to interact! 

Now, I would love to know: is engagement something that comes easy to you, or has this been a struggle? Also, do you have any extra tips for engagement? Let me know over here in the comments!