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3 Tips for 🛑 Scroll-Stopping Pinterest Pin Text!

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How can you successfully compete for the attention of your ideal pinners (your perfect-fit client types!) - and get them to pay attention to YOUR content on Pinterest - when all those other pins are there, too? 

Well, I’m so glad you asked… Because in this blog post, I’m outlining three things you can do to increase the odds that your Pinterest pin text* will stop the scroll!

(*Psssst… Pinterest calls the copy on the pin image a “text overlay.” So we’ll use that terminology. Text overlay is the WORDS that you place over your image or video.)

Ready? Let’s stop the scroll with our pins! 


Tip #1: Use short text overlays.

You want pinners to be able to quickly and easily digest the point. You want them to clearly understand what's in it for them, so they’ll choose YOUR pin - and stop and take a closer look. 

Tip #2: Think of your text overlay as a headline - and use it to grab attention. 

Because Pinterest is a search engine, you’ll want to include a “target keyword phrase” in the text overlay.

(Yes! The Pinterest AI can read the words on the pin - and the keywords you use can help Pinterest understand who to show your pin to - and in what searches! #Yay!) 

But, here’s the thing… You also want to think of this copy as you would think of a social post headline, an email subject link… or any other copy that is meant to stop the scroll and motivate action. 

Consider formulas like: 

  • [Number] of Ways to [Achieve the results they want] 
  • How to [Achieve Desired Result] Without [Unpleasant Action]
  • [Number] Things You Didn’t Know About [Keyword]


There are soooo many great headline examples out there. Just google “headline formulas” and you’ll find many lists! 


Tip #3: Make sure your Pins are legible!

It sounds obvious, but I see a lot of pins that are hard to read. 

Humans are wired to follow the path of least resistance. We are naturally drawn to things that are easy to do, understand, and yes, read. 

So there’s anything about your pin’s text overlay that makes it even a little harder to read than all the pins around it - you won’t likely get your pinner’s attention.  

Here are a few common ways that people make their pins harder to read: 

  • They use fonts that are too small.  
  • They don’t add enough contrast between the text and the background.  
  • Their fonts are too fancy or scripty. 

☝🏽Don't make these common mistakes, okay? 


I hope you can use some of these SCROLL-STOPPING tricks next time you create pins. Feel free to leave a comment and tag me, if you have questions or thoughts! 


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