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Re: 3 Passive Income Ideas to Try on Pinterest

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Passive income is money earned from minimal labor. Creating passive income allowed me to quit my corporate job without a Plan B. For years, I tried different passive income ideas. After making a ton of mistakes, I eventually figured out what worked for me.
Here's the thing, there are many ways to make passive income, but no one size fits all strategy. Since I'm a Pinterest nerd, making money using Pinterest is my jam. Fortunately, there are increasingly more ways to make money on Pinterest with all the latest features.
Here are three ways to get started...(based on my own personal experience)
1. Tag your products
Got a digital product to sell?
Market your PDF templates, photography, book, courses, mobile app and online products by tagging with Idea Pin stickers and creating rich Pins.
2. Recommend other products/services
Love recommending your favorite products and services?
Share your recommended products and services by tagging with Idea Pin stickers and creating rich Pins.
3. Brand partnership
Have a substantial following on Pinterest?
There are many other ways to work with brands via content marketing, user generated content and sponsorships. Reach out to your favorite brands to pitch your ideas. 
Got other passive income ideas to try out on Pinterest?
Be sure to share it below in the comments!
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Great insight @BestFunGifts ! Thanks for sharing!

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I am with @michaelbliss on this great insight love it.


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Passive income is possible appreciate your post

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thank for share. nice article