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3 Keys to Be a Successful Pinterest Content Creator

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Not too long ago, I left my career without a Plan B. Here are a few lessons from my journey as a corporate dropout turned Pinterest content creator…
About a decade ago, I started playing around on Pinterest after I purchased my first home. I found all sorts of home decor inspiration and a ton of useful career tips too.Years later, while I was in yoga teacher training, I setup a website on mental wellness. I also started creatings pins for my health and wellness lifestyle blogs.
Not too long after, my website grew quickly and I was in business! Several startups and small businesses asked for help with marketing on Pinterest. Eventually, that led me to start my own Pinterest marketing business. I created content for local businesses to international brands. 
To this day, I love creating content on Pinterest all day every day.What can I say? I'm a Pinterest nerd. I live and breathe Pinterest. And yes, businesses pay me to create content too! But going from corporate dropout to self-employed wasn’t easy.
In July 2019, I resigned from the corporate world. A month later, I sold my home, gave everything else away and moved across the country.
Since then, I haven't looked back. Here are a few things I wish I knew earlier in order to become a Pinterest content creator:

1. Consistency over frequency 🔑

While creating quality content doesn't happen overnight, all it takes is consistency.
Consistently create content. Consistently pin content. Consistently try new app features.
No need to get spammy though.

2. Get personal 🔑

Over the years, the topics I post about evolve based on what I’m interested in or struggling with during a particular phase in my personal life.
I figured if I’m facing a particular challenge, maybe someone might benefit from my lessons learned and tips.

3. Have fun 🔑

There’s really no point to being a creator if there isn’t an element of fun.
I played around with new ideas, experimented with the latest features and failed a lot. But at the end of the day, I had fun being in the creative flow and learned a lot.
For instance, I’ve shared all my lessons learned from:
  • career changes (hello, corporate dropout!)
  • yoga teacher training
  • personal finance
  • business marketing
  • traveling the globe
  • all things woo & spirituality 
What’s your favorite topic to create and share on Pinterest?