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WooCommerce Workshop: FAQ Recap

WooCommerce Workshop: FAQ Recap

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We recently hosted a workshop covering the Pinterest for WooCommerce extension. During this event, the Pinterest team covered installation, requirements, and addressed frequently asked questions and troubleshooting topics. We’ve selected a series of questions from the event to share back as an additional resource. Thank you all for attending and submitting your questions. We’ve included the video replay below for those that were unable to attend the live session.

We hope you found the workshop helpful and we look forward to covering more topics in our next event. Fill out this form to let us know what topics you want to see covered next!

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Can I still use the manual Pinterest tag with the WooCommerce integration?

If you already have your Pinterest tag set up, you can choose your existing tag in step 3 of the Pinterest for WooCommerce app setup.

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How can I delete or pause my WooCommerce <> Pinterest catalog ingestion?

To delete or pause catalog ingestion via WooCommerce, you will need to uninstall the app.

My catalog isn’t approved - what should I do?

If you’ve taken action to resolve the violations that resulted in disapproval, you can submit an appeal. You can review the merchant guidelines here.

Can I upload multiple catalogs?

Multiple catalogs are not currently supported. However, if you’ve set up shipping zones via WooCommerce, we’ll include the shipping zone in the shipping column of your catalog.

Can I use my uploaded products to run ads on Pinterest?

Ads are not currently supported in the WooCommerce interface, but you can leverage your products to run ads via Pinterest Ads Manager.

I don’t want to use the Rich Pins feature, how can I opt out?

Within the settings tab in WooCommerce, you can uncheck the two Rich Pins options.

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How will I know if the Pinterest plugin needs to be updated?

Within the WordPress dashboard, available updates can be viewed via the ‘Updates’ page. You can also enable automatic updates on the ‘Plugins’ page.

Do I need to claim my website manually?

No, the Pinterest app for WooCommerce will enable you to claim your website automatically.

Can an agency accessing an account via Business Manager install the Pinterest for WooCommerce app?

Agencies accessing accounts via Business Manager will not be able to install the Pinterest for WooCommerce app on behalf of their advertiser.

I’m having connection issues with the Pinterest for WooCommerce Plugin, What do I do?

Please make sure you are currently not integrated with other Pinterest partners like Shopify. As mentioned, you can only use 1 integration on a Pinterest account. If that is not your case, please reach out to WooCommerce Support directly via think link

  1. Check or make sure plugin is up to date with both WooCommerce and Pinterest for WooCommerce.
  2. Domain URLs for their store 
  3. Pinterest Username/email. 
  4. Screenshot of their Pinterest for WooCommerce plugin home page 
  5. (Optional)If a feed XML link is available, link to that feed
  6. Make sure to enable 'Debug Logging' (Go to Marketing > Pinterest > Settings > Scroll down to Debug Logging > Check Enable Debug Logging)

Is there a place where I can check existing or known issues with the plugin?

Yes, There are two websites you can check:

  1. For users with no technical knowledge, please use:
  2. For those with technical knowledge, please use this link

In addition to logging tickets, this plugin is an open source plugin hosted on As a community any one can contribute bug fixes and enhancements as a pull request. 

***Reminder: This extension is a partnership with WooCommerce, issues within the plugin or app itself should be directed to WooCommerce’s Support team whereas anything within the Pinterest or Ads Manager UI will be handled by Pinterest Support.***

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