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Video Training #1 - Claim Website

Video Training #1 - Claim Website

Welcome to our first product training video! We are very excited to share this highly requested new video series in the community. We know that some Pinterest products and tools can be a little more complex than others, so we’re introducing this new video series to help provide a visual element in addition to our existing help and support resources.

Our video series is based on the top product questions we receive in the forums. In this first video, Brian, our support specialist, explains a little more about the Claim Website process. In this video, we’ll cover the following:

  • Overview
  • Set Up
  • Resources

You can download the full video training deck HERE. If you want to learn more about the claim website process, you can also find more information in this Help center article

Please be sure to rate this article if it helped you, or leave a suggestion below/share feedback on what other products our team can cover in our video training series🌟


Great video, very detailed!

Personally, I prefer to add DNS TXT record. Your hosting provider should be able to do this, an advantage is your website will continue be claimed even if there is a change where it is hosted; an example is you may have a simple website but one day you want to move it over to Shopify and start using ecommerce on that platform, you won't have to go through the process all over again.


This is going to be a great series!


I already did this one year ago on my Wordpress Shop. Really simple - in this stage. Just put it in your Head.php in the Editor section of WP. That`s it.


I hope you go over the Pinterest tag in detail. I've had trouble with that step. Happy you guys are creating these videos. Very helpful to us all.


This is excellent! 


Great tutorial!


I love this! I created my own video but I'm happy to have one directly from Pinterest to share!!


I love this video…. ❤️


The best tutorial video, thanks.


@jenvazquezmedia would love to see what you've created!! 


@PinterestGabby absolutely! It was created specifically for Wordpress. You can see it here. 


Nice vedio


Thanks for this tutorial video.



Thank you Pinterest 


Thanks pinterest