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Shopping Office Hours: FAQ Recap

Shopping Office Hours: FAQ Recap


We recently hosted our first Office Hours event covering all things shopping including catalogs, data source, and product groups. We’ve selected a series of questions from the event to share back as an additional resource on Pinterest shopping products. Thank you all for participating and asking great questions! We’ve included a video recording at the bottom of the article for those that could not attend the live session. 

For a list of commonly asked shopping questions make sure to check out our FAQ article.

We hope you found the conversation helpful and we look forward to covering more topics in our next office hours event. Let us know what topics you want to see covered next!

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I have my products on Thrivecart. How can I get the data source of my product/catalogues?

Follow Help Center instructions on how to set up a manual feed. We currently do not have any plans to have a future integration with Thrivecart.


When creating a manual data source, can you add digital courses as products?

Yes, they count as digital products. Merchants selling these kinds of products need to explain how the customers will receive the digital items.


My catalog was rejected. What should I do next? I can't tag products that link to my merchandise website. What should I do next?

You must appeal directly on the Ads Manager UI.


My catalog is rejected. Currently it is synced by a link to a csv. What can I use to sync data from woocommerce ecommerce shops to Pinterest?

If rejected, you must appeal directly on the Ads Manager UI. We are currently working on a Woocommerce integration. In the meantime, manual catalogs must follow requirements listed in our Help Center.


Is it possible to host my data source on Google Drive or Dropbox?

Unfortunately, we do not support Google Drive or Dropbox. You must provide your own hosting on an FTP/SFTP server, or set up an HTTP/HTTPS direct download link


What image ratio is recommended most for optimized catalog images?

Images need to be minimum 75 x 75 pixels. Shopping ads follow the same creative specs for static pins as listed here





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Hi there - we upload our catalog/product directly thru shopify. For some reason, our prices do not show up on our product pins. Any idea on how we update this? thanks so much! 


Hey @aliceandlois! Have you already created a ticket on this? I'd recommend doing that so our team can dig in. In the meantime, can you send me the Pin ID that's being affected? Look forward to hearing from you.