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Shopify Webinar [US]: FAQ Recap

Shopify Webinar [US]: FAQ Recap

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We recently shared our UK Shopify webinar Q&A recap and wanted to follow up with our US Shopify Webinar version. We selected a series of questions from the Q&A portion of the event to share back as an additional resource on utilizing the Pinterest sales channel. Thank you for participating in the event and submitting your questions! We’ve included a video recording at the bottom of the FAQ for those that could not attend the live session. 

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What are some strategies that have worked for you to make sales from Pinterest?

Businesses of all sizes have seen success on Pinterest - check out these stories from companies like you. Also, be sure to check out our PBC Spotlights --a blog series celebrating real-life stories of members from our community and how they've found success using Pinterest to grow their business.


How can we turn our legacy Pins into conversion ads?

Using Ads Manager you can pick any Pin that you’ve created to be promoted. Learn more here.


Can the Pinterest app be used on Shopify Lite?

In order to use the Shopify app integration, you need a Shopify Basic account or above. To find out more about the Pinterest app on Shopify, check out our one-pager here.


How can merchants claim the $100 ads credit?

If you’re a new advertiser or an advertiser that has not advertised with us in the last 90 days, you can claim the credit by connecting your Shopify account with your Pinterest business account using the Pinterest app. Once connected, add your billing details and your credit will be applied automatically.

Full criteria:

  • Successfully connecting business account to Shopify account
  • Accept the Pinterest Business Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  • Advertiser needs to be new or have not advertised within the last 90 days
  • There is no other coupon/credit on the advertiser account

Install the app here.


What are some best practices for creating Pins that perform?

The best Pins are visually compelling, tell a good story and make people want to learn more. It’s easy to make great Pins—just follow these tipsAlso check out these community forum threads for more tips:


Can we advertise on Pinterest without Pinning other content?

Yes! But it always works better when you have an organic presence on Pinterest. Click here for content creation overview.


We are not a large retail store and have only a small amount of products. Will this still work?

Absolutely! Check out the Help Center for resources on Getting Started and Creating a Shop.


How can we give employees + contractors access to our business account? Can they create + run ads too?

Permissions can be set to create ad groups and campaigns. You can assign roles by either Employee or Manager, and the permissions vary for each. For more info on how to set this up and how to grant Business access, check out this article.


Are there any 3rd party apps we can use to create Pinterest content?

100%. We have a whole library of partners that you can check out here. Bonus: there’s also several creative partners who are active on the community! Be sure to say hello to some of our partners, @picsart@vimeo@tailwind@clipchamp