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Shopify Webinar [UK]: FAQ Recap

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Shopify Webinar [UK]: FAQ Recap

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We recently hosted our UK Shopify webinar that covered how to reach more shoppers on Pinterest. We selected a series of questions from the Q&A portion of the event to share back as an additional resource on utilizing the Pinterest sales channel. Thank you for participating in the event and asking great questions! We’ve included a video recording at the bottom of the FAQ for those that could not attend the live session. 

For those of you that attended the US Shopify webinar, check out our FAQ that is now live here

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If you set up a new Pinterest account, can you migrate your Pins from your old account to a new account? 

At this time, it's not possible. You can only save your Pins individually. Here's an article from our Help Center with more details on merging accounts. 


My Shopify catalogue is connected to Pinterest - should I be pinning every day like how I post on Instagram? 

There’s no need to constantly refresh your product catalog just to have new Pins. Pins don't disappear or become undiscoverable over time - so as long as your content is relevant, people can discover it. 

For Pinning best practices, please check out this article.


I’ve just logged in to Pinterest and see that there is a link to connect to Shopify and it has this message, Free to install. Additional charges may apply. What are those additional charges?

There’s only additional charges if you choose to run Ads. For more information on Ads and how to set up a campaign, check out this article.


Why is it better to use Shopify for Pinterest rather than just using Pinterest?

The Shopify app makes it easy to create Pins at scale via Catalog ingestion! It allows you to manage your Pins and campaigns without having to leave the Shopify Dashboard. The Pinterest Business Hub and Ads Manager will, however, give you more options to manage your presence and detailed analytics. To learn more about linking your Shopify and Pinterest account click here.


My Shopify images are 1:1, which isn’t the best ratio for Pinterest. What do you recommend?

We do not currently have a way to auto-adjust the size of the images. If you’d like to update the images, you’ll need to change them manually.


How do you stop Pinterest from using all the pictures that are attached to a product? I would like to use only the first image.

It’s not possible to control this at the moment. Our engineering team is aware and working on improved controls in the future but for now if you don’t want an image, please make sure to remove it from the product itself on Shopify.


Is it better to run Ads via Shopify or on Pinterest? Is there any analytics or functionality between the two of them?

Ads Manager has some more customization vs Shopify, but otherwise, they both show Ads to Pinners. To learn about what you can do using our Ads Manager on Pinterest, check out this guide.


Is there a way we can change the order of products shown on our Shopify catalog on Pinterest and change the collections shown?

You can un-feature a Product Group to remove it from showing on your Pinterest Shop tab. There isn’t a way yet to change the order of products shown. For more information on product groups check out this article.


I only have 1 of each item and once sold it is not available. I don't want to create pins that then don't link to live products - what do you suggest?

If you only have a few products on sale, we recommend focusing on brand-building on Pinterest. Set up a Business profile and a Shop, save relevant Pins for you and any lifestyle imagery. 


Does Canva support Idea Pins or provide templates? What are the dimensions for Idea Pins?

Yes! Canva and other Pinterest creative tools partners offer Idea Pin templates. These templates follow Pinterest best practices and dimensions for Idea Pins. Click here to learn more and access templates. Learn more about our partners here


What is the recommended length for video on Pinterest?

Our recommended length for video ads is between 6 and 15 seconds. You can find more information on video specs here. 


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