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Shopify Q&A Recap

Shopify Q&A Recap


 We recently hosted a Shopify Q&A session where we shared future updates and covered all your top questions and troubleshooting topics. We’ve selected a series of questions from the event to share back as an additional resource. Thank you all for attending and submitting your questions. We’ve included the video replay below for those that were unable to attend the live session.

We hope you found the Q&A session helpful and we look forward to covering more topics in our next event. Fill out this form to let us know what topics you want to see covered next!

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How do I choose what will be featured on the shop tab when using Shopify (product sections)?

This is based on user preference, it can be your best selling products or new arrivals. It is really up to you what you want to showcase in the Shop tab. The process is not really different for Shopify VS manual feeds. 

How do I make sure that all products can be used to be added as product tags to standard pins when using Shopify?

If you are referring to Product Tagging, you don't need to do anything specific for Shopify integrated accounts. You just need to click on the Tagging icon for the pin or Hero image you want to use, pick a product you want to tag, either from url, current pins or from you feed, you are good to go. 

I have connected my Shopify store to Pinterest and my products have been pulled through. However, they are in the "All Products" group. I would like to create more product groups, but when I go to the page to do this, the filters called "Item ID" and "Item group ID" do not have any options.

What are these item IDs in relation to my products, where are they stored, and how do I change them so I can create product groups?

Right now, on Pinterest the Item ID is equivalent to Item group ID which is variant ID value on Shopify, this is still a work in progress, and is a feature we are still working on. However you can filter using other options like by price, availability, brands, etc.

I've just created my Pinterest account and linked with Shopify, so that I can automatically upload my products. The problem is that I do not see the products. I can only see the products when I search for them, but even then it shows they are locked and visible only to me. How do I fix that?

You can see your uploaded products on Pinterest by going to Ads > Catalogs.  If you are seeing a lock icon, I believe this is a secret board. 

If you want to see the organic version of your product pins, this will appear in your profile under Shop tab, however it is not automatic, you need to ‘feature’ a product group first before it shows up. Also, note that outside of featuring a product group, certain requirements need to be met first, please check our Shop tab help center article for more information. Generally Product pins live under Catalogs UI. 

Also noticed that it uploads each variant of the same product. Is there any way to only upload a single variant, so that I have only 1 pin for each product?

If you have multiple product variants, each will create a separate pin, we are still working on updating this logic in our system. If you have just 1 variant, make sure to untick or not check the “options” value during create a product flow on Shopify.

How can I ensure that my catalog follows all of the Pinterest requirements to apply as a verified merchant?

The Shopify integration makes it easy for you, just make sure you have the required fields populated on your product on Shopify which is the id, title, description, price, image, and availability.

Ultimately the goal is to have a ‘healthy’ feed, this means there should not be any error messages, in most cases these error messages show up when there is a problem with the requirements not being met, to avoid that, please  follow our guidelines which is also stated in our Help center article

Is there a way to get the Pinterest app in Shopify to resume syncing? It worked initially but stopped and any new products I add to my store don’t appear on Pinterest.

Users have the option to pause or activate their feed under the Feeds section on Shopify UI, click on Manage feeds. If however, your feed is failing, this is something our team can take a deeper look into by filing a ticket.

My Shopify store is integrated with Pinterest via the app and my product pins are showing up in my catalog. The issue is that I now have multiple variants as separate products and I don't like the images the Pinterest algorithm chose.

1) Can I pause my feed and then manually create a new data source that Pinterest can use instead? 2) If so, would I host that file on Shopify under files?

First of all thanks for the continued use of our product. To answer your question, you can pause your feed so we will not ingest the product. By manually creating a new data source, do you mean the use of .csv/tsv/xml? If so, that can be a workaround. You might have to double-check with Shopify if they can host your URL. In my experience, I have not seen URLs that are hosted by Shopify, and you might have to source other hosting sites. Please note that we do not support feeds from Google drive so this is not an option.

The image on my Shopify Store is not the same from Pinterest, why?

The way to ingest products with multiple images or variants is yet to be refined. Right now, we select which image to show up on Pinterest for you. In the very near future, the logic will be updated! Stay tuned for more to come.

My Feed locale is reverting to Ireland when I selected a different country. Why is that?

This is currently a known issue that our Engineering team is aware of and is actively working for a solution. If your account is affected, please let our team know by filing a ticket

My Product description is showing some random code that I did not add, how can I remove that?

This is also another known limitation, pins don't currently support formatted texts using HTML. However we are working on an update that will potentially change the logic on how Pinterest ‘reads’ this HTML tags, more updates on this soon! 

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CAN WE PLEASE FIND A WAY TO change the photos for our products on Shopify?!!! I have a shop full of images of lined or blank paper - not a very interesting shop page. When can we choose our own photos so that we can at least fix the issue?? This has been going on long enough. ugh. 😞


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