Product Release Roundup for Creators [September 2022]

Product Release Roundup for Creators [September 2022]


Hi Creators! Welcome back to the latest installment of the Product Release Note Roundup.

In case you missed the previous roundup, you can check it out here. If you're new here, the Creator Product Release Notes is a series in the PBC that covers creator-specific updates such as known issues, new features, fixes and more. The Creator Articles page is your space on the PBC to stay informed and up-to-date with all things related to Pinterest business and creator tools and products.

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Board Stickers

Creators now have the ability to tag their own public boards to their Pins! With board stickers, you can tag your inspiration sources and related content. When Pinners click on the board tag, they’ll be redirected to the selected board where you can explore all of the content. This feature is now available on iOS and Android platforms for all markets. 



Pin Photo Taking in Camera

We’re excited to announce that all Android users now have the option to take a photo in the Pin creation flow! In addition to recording videos, creators will be able to capture images, making it easier for users to publish directly within the Pinterest app. This new feature is available in all markets.

Music on Android

Attention Android users! When creating or editing a Pin, you now have access to a library of available royalty-free music to add into your Pins! This feature is available for both iOS and Android platforms, and for all markets.

*Disclaimer: We recently announced an update to our content creation tooling on Pinterest that combines and simplifies our organic Pin formats. Due to these recent product updates, some articles posted prior to May 2023 may be out of date.


You truly know how to make my are the best.

I definitely have to use Idea Pin Photo taking

Thanks Lisa






Is this available for everyone? I don't seem to have that option.


Thank you! 😊 @bodymindmood 


Hi @lemonbusket! I recommend double checking the availability attached to these features. The Music + Idea Pin Photo Taking features are available on iOS and Android platforms, while the Board Stickers are currently only available on iOS. Be sure to also check if Idea Pins are available in your market.


@PinterestJoan You are most welcome Lady! 😁


Thank you @PinterestJoan !  Music on android is a welcome feature!


Thanks @PinterestJoan !


Board Stickers is where it's at for me! I will be using those for my tutorial videos. I did a trial run for them this past month and liked them since they made me feel more intimate with my followers and being able to show them a Board where they can keep looking at content they might find interesting is good. This October I will do a full implementation of those tutorial videos into the workflow and Board Stickers makes those more enticing to create. 


I'm looking forward to using board stickers and didn't know they redirect back to the specific board for exploration. That made my day!


I didn't understand what an Idea Pin was until I read this thread, it looks like TikTok, Shorts, and Reels, right? I will try it now. thank you @PinterestJoan 


It looks like all these features are for the mobile app? Would love an announcement of new features on desktop so I can start using Idea Pins more 😄


What is the best way to add a link to the product? Sometimes product links are very long and look cluttered.

For example So, I wish to have it in a neat way, for example, 3D logo

Is there a good way to add a link to idea pins and redirect the customer to the correct product?

Thanks for any advise 😊 


Will there be an option for copyrighted songs in the future?  I know that a lot of Creators are importing videos with copyrighted music from other apps, but it would be great to create videos in the Pinterest app with popular/trending music at the time.


Love the board sticker feature. Thanks for the heads up! 


Hi,I've been creating idea pins without music how do I add them to my pins?


Hi @smitasreen, when creating an Idea Pin on iOS or Android, you can access a library of available royalty-free music when editing your Idea Pin. As you add pages to your Idea Pin, you can choose to stream the same song throughout, choose a new song per page, or exclude music from any pages. Hope this helps!



Hi,can I add music to images for idea pins,as I'm creating pins without music .unable to access musical idea pin.please can u suggest me any option to do so.Thank u.


This is supercool! (and would be even cooler if these features were available to those of us working from from computers!) I mostly work from a Mac computer because this is my dayjob and also because my iPhone is old AF and doesn't support idea pins.

So for now, I am keeping it simple, but I will definitely look forward to pinning my public boards to the idea pins once I upgrade my iPhone. 🙂


I love that these features are developing and growing! Excited to see what else is to come!


These are great options for Idea Pin creators! Do appreciate new features to drive traffic to the specific boards! Pinterest is growing and we are growing with you also, keep it up! 🙂