Product Release Roundup for Creators #8

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Product Release Roundup for Creators #8

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Hi Creators! Welcome back to our latest installment of the Product Release Note Roundup.

If you missed the previous roundup, you can catch up on what we shared here. If you're new here, the Creator Product Release Notes is a series in the PBC that covers creator-specific updates such as known issues, new features, fixes and more. The Product FAQ is your space on the PBC to stay informed and up-to-date with all things related to business and creator tools and products you use on Pinterest. 

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Seasonal stickers

Last month, we launched a new set of seasonal stickers! Stickers allow for you to make content that is fun, expressive and personal. Our latest additions to the sticker library include Carnaval,  Black History Month, Lunar New Year, Awards Season, and more! Have you tried them out? Let us know what you think!

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Personalize your Profile Cover

We’ve made some exciting changes to the look and feel of the profile cover. The default tilted pins with random pins and videos from select boards on your profile have been removed and you can now customize the profile header and upload an image if you have a Pinterest business account. All business accounts will see either the “Edit cover” option (if you currently have an image cover) or “Add Cover” option (if you have no cover) which pulls up an image picker. If you previously had the titled pins or video, you will default to an empty profile cover and need to upload a new profile cover image. This customization allows you to showcase your unique vibe and branding to your audience. To learn more, check out our Help Center article

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New Feature: Highlights on profile 

We’re currently experimenting with a highlights feature that allows you to create Idea Pins into a group folder at the top of your profile. You will be able to create multiple Highlights to help you showcase content that matters. This feature is an opportunity for Creators to highlight more content visibility to your followers. Currently, the highlight feature only supports Idea Pin created content and/or shop content.. For more information check out our Help Center article and our latest FAQ post

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Expanded Camera Features 📸

You asked for more creation features, and we listened! We’re excited to share that creators can now access flash, record timer, and delay timer in the Camera view of Idea Pin creation. These new features will help you seamlessly create, edit, and publish Idea Pins from your phone (available on iOS only). Check out this Help Center article to learn more.

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Board Inspiration Tagging on Android 

Use your own boards for Idea Pin inspiration. You can now use board stickers to tie your Idea Pin content back to the original or related inspiration. This allows your audience to unlock related content and further explore your ideas (available only on Android). 

Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 8.03.00 AM.png


Idea Pins auto-loop

We’ve made improvements to Idea Pins by removing the end card and adding auto-loop to Idea Pins. This updated experience will allow for deeper engagement with your Idea Pin content. (Global iOS + Android). 


I’m so excited for these. Especially the highlight reel profile video and new camera features! Thank you!


Yay, @boniitalynn!! We're excited too. 🙂 


Why is the Board Inspiration Tagging only available on Android? Just wondering, since I have an iPhone 😛


Would love to see the board tagging become available for iPhone users too!


Not seeing the highlight feature on my ios phone. Hoping this rolls out to a larger audience.


Can't wait to see the board tagging option on IOS @PinterestJazmin !

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