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Introducing Pinterest Academy! 📌

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Introducing Pinterest Academy! 📌

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Sharpen your pencils because class is in session!

Say hello to Pinterest Academy, our new e-learning platform designed to help you get more from your Pinterest advertising. Learn everything you need to make your Pinterest campaigns best-in-class, all in one place. 📈

Whether you’re a newcomer or expert, Pinterest Academy courses help build critical skills no matter your level. Start your learning journey today and enroll using the link below! Pinterest Academy courses are now available globally, in English. Look out for localized versions in French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish to be added in the coming months.

Are you enrolling? Let us know in the comments! 🤓

>> Enroll in Pinterest Academy << 


For more information on Pinterest Academy and how to get started, check out this overview and our Business site article.

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Thank you @PinterestJoan !


I'll be enrolling!


I will be enrolling


Awesome, glad to hear @hellohomegirl @Kodahselase! Let me know what you think of Pinterest Academy so far 😊.


This is amazing!  I know anyone doing ads will really appreciate this @PinterestJoan 

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