Idea Pin Updates: Camera & Stickers 📌

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Idea Pin Updates: Camera & Stickers 📌

Hi Creators, we’re excited to share the lates camera and sticker updates on Idea Pins! These new features will make it easier for you create and inspire.  

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Take photos in camera 📷

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Now you have the option to toggle between video recording and photo capture when starting the Idea Pin creation process! This gives you even more operation and flexibility to create inspiring and visually compelling content, all within the Pinterest app.

A Pin is worth a thousand words, whether it’s an image or video. The best-performing content on Pinterest incorporates solid lighting, great framing, high-resolution assets or stylized effects and/or text. Most of your Pinterest audience is on their mobile device, so it’s best to create with a vertical aspect ratio. (Available in all Idea Pin markets)

Board stickers on iOS: 📌

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In the Idea Pin creation flow, You can now add a sticker that links to your public boards! Board stickers allow you to showcase your sources of inspiration and highlight your power as a curator of inspiring ideas. Giving context to your ideas makes it easier for audiences to engage and take action! (available only on iOS)


What are board stickers?

Board stickers are a way to provide Creators the ability to tag their inspiration sources and related content in their Idea Pins by linking to their own public Pinterest boards. When Pinners click on a board tag, they are directed to that board to explore that content. 

How many boards can I tag on my Idea Pins?

Each page can have up to 5 board stickers max, and 20 board stickers max in an Idea Pin.

Which boards can I tag?

You can tag any public board that you own. Creators cannot tag private boards, or boards owned by another Creator.

Why can’t I see board stickers on my Android?

We’re currently working on making board stickers available on Android as soon as possible! Stay tuned for more updates. 


Are you excited to use these new features? Let us know in the comments! 👇


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Hi - I have had these for a while I have created a number of Board Stickers on Idea Pins waiting to go live they are really COOL I love that you can switch colors and change size.

They are a great addition to the Idea Pins.

@JanaOMedia I thought of you when I saw this post as you mentioned the Question Sticker which I thought was so great.





I gotta try these new stickers! Thanks @PinterestJazmin 


Hey @PinterestJazmin 

As far as music in the idea pin category, are we able to add our own?


Love it! But ran into a minor glitch.

Looks like we can’t change the board stickers.

While in draft, I changed my board sticker to a different board. I deleted the board sticker and replaced it with a different board sticker.

Once posted, my old board sticker (that I deleted) still showed instead of the new sticker:

Not a big deal, just a heads up!



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