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Creator Community: Creator Academy FAQs 📚




Hey Creators! We've been seeing some questions pop up in the community around the all-new Creator Academy educational series and we wanted to share some answers here in an article. We'll add to this FAQ over time as more and more creators participate in Creator Academy but in the meantime, please feel free to drop questions to the team below.


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How do I upload content onto the challenge’s form?

On your Pinterest profile:

  • Click on 1 of your Idea Pins and from there, you’ll notice 3 dots at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap those 3 dots and a menu will appear. 
  • Tap “copy link” and paste the link under the corresponding question on the ‘Challenge Submission’ form.


What is a static Pin?

There are 3 types of native content formatsa static Pin, an Idea Pin, and a video Pin . A static Pin is a picture that you post to your profile. The title ‘video Pin’ pretty much explains itself and an Idea Pin can incorporate video and static content together. Through an Idea Pin, you can also attach a board you’ve created, include keywords and tags, etc. An idea pin has its own product features in comparison to let’s say just posting a video or static pin on its own.


Instructions for the challenges are unclear, can you further explain? Where do we find the challenges?

Each of the content challenges are discussed at the end of a lesson. There are challenges for lesson 1, 2 and 4! 

For the 1st challenge: We ask that you create a board on your profile, displaying all of the things that inspire you the most. These inspirations can be anything of your choice! After creating your board a good place to find your inspo is your homepage.

For the 2nd challenge: Try your hand at creating a piece of content, either an Idea Pin, Static Pin or Video Pin. We ask that you create at least 1 piece of content that represents your brand. If you’re still discovering what your brand is, then create a piece of content based on your expertise, interests or vertical.

For the 3rd challenge:  On your Pinterest homepage, tap ‘browse’ at the top of your screen and find a topic that inspires you or something that aligns with your branding. This topic can be based on anything of your choice; beauty, diy, pets, art, sports, lifestyle/health, wellness and so on. From there, try to see the type of content you can create around that topic through the 3 formats of pins: a static Pin, an Idea Pin, and a video Pin -- you MUST create 1 of each). 


If I submit my challenges in the wrong order, does this eliminate me from moving forward?

On the challenge submission form, you must ensure to match the challenge links to the proper lesson requests. Otherwise, you will have incorrect submissions that may prevent you from being able to move onto the next phase within the community. If you happen to have submitted your challenges incorrectly, simply submit them again! 🙂


Do the Pins we submit have to be new or can they be Pins previously posted if they’re relevant to our niche and fit in with trending ideas? 

We prefer that the Idea Pin(s) you create for the challenges (specifically within lesson 4) be new and original content. You are able to post new or pre-existing content for the static and video pins. The biggest point to all of these challenges is to show us that you understand how to utilize the product features being taught in each of the lessons. However we’re always going to encourage you to try your hand at creating fresh and new content!


Are all challenges required?

The challenges for lesson 1 and 2 are optional. The challenge for lesson 4 is required!


Do we have to create a new board labeled , ‘Creator Academy?’

Yes. While completing each lesson within the educational series, you will need to create a Creator Academy board on a new or currently active Pinterest account. This is where you’ll save each of the lesson challenges you’ve completed while attending Creator Academy. 


What is the submission deadline? When should we expect to hear back once we complete the challenge submission?

The deadline for challenge submissions is September 26th by 5pm PT. Once we receive all fully completed content submissions, we will begin notifying creators the same week [week of September 26th]. 


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Hello, I have went through the creator academy and I am not sure where to submit the pins for the challenges. I have not received any emails and I don't see it in my academy. 



Thanks for sharing - so much confusion I was getting hit up about this info so I can now point people in the right direction.

To be honest I was confused.😉



Ahhhhh, so glad to have this resource to send people to. Lots of questions! Thanks, @PinterestGabby!



Hey there!  Question about the video pin, this is something that we record from Pinterest on the app correct? Also, I did my inspiration pin based on something from a couple days ago, but how will you know? For example it was fall meals and I did a tailgate slider recipe. I'm just so worried I'm going to mess it up. Thank you!!


Has anyone received a confirmation mail after submitting?


I didn't get a confirmation email after submitting the Google form, no. They state above that they'll start notifying creators (of next steps?) next week. 


Thanks @JanaOMedia!


super cool to know!!


I know I'm coming late to this.  I clicked the link and signed up.  Didn't get an email or anything.  I'm wondering where we find the form to submit. Forgive me if you said it and I missed it.


@jenvazquezcoach we all recieved a mail with a form to submit challenges. Check your mail🤗


I don't even understand for sure where the academy is heading or what the perks are, but I'm looking forward to more instruction. Since implementing the tips from the challenge, I've had a big increase in engagement!

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