Claim Your Website Workshop: FAQ Recap

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Claim Your Website Workshop: FAQ Recap


We recently hosted a claim your website workshop covering technical setup, instructions, and tools for claiming your website. We’ve selected a series of questions from the event to share back as an additional resource. Thank you all for participating and asking great questions! We’ve included the video recording and presentation deck at the bottom of this article for those that could not attend the live session. 

We hope you found the conversation helpful and we look forward to covering more topics in our next event. Fill out this form to let us know what topics you want to see covered next!

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There have been issues with claiming websites running Wordpress. Covering this (adding the p:verify tag with and without plugins) would be helpful.

We made sure to address this in our presentation (linked here), there are a couple of additional steps required to verify your site:

  • Copy the verification HTML tag from Pinterest Account Settings - Claim
  • Open a new tab and access your Wordpress account
  • Head to My Site(s) > Tools > Marketing > Traffic (direct link:
  • Scroll down to the Site Verification Services section, and paste the code you copied into the Pinterest section.
  • Once completed and the changes are saved, you will then need to return to the Account Settings - Claim page and complete the final step to kick off the verification process.



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How do you claim a Blogger site?

Instructions may vary based on what blogging site you use, but ideally, you would need to have access to edit your site’s HTML tags.  Once you are able to access it, you can paste the verification code in the <head> section and continue claiming in Pinterest Account Settings.

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How do you add a Wix catalog to Pinterest?

There are a couple of steps to achieve this:

  • Have a Pinterest Business Account
  • Claim your website in Account Settings
  • A data source that contains a list of all your products

A data source (also known as a product catalog, product feed, or data feed) is a file with a list of your products and their corresponding attributes structured in a specific way. This file is processed daily to dynamically create Pins from your products.

All additional information and instructions are explained in the Before you get started with Catalogs Help Center article.

Can you claim multiple subpath domains (i.e. different pages on your site), in order to highlight that link on your Pinterest profile?

Yes, as mentioned in the presentation, it is possible to claim multiple unique sites to your Pinterest Account.  When doing so, you have the option to choose which site you want to display on your Profile. That is set in the Public Profile section of Account Settings.


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