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Business Product Release Notes #2

Business Product Release Notes #2

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Hi PBC! Welcome back to our release notes roundup for business. Our release notes series is where you can catch up on the latest updates, announcements, known issues and more. This is your space to stay informed and up-to-date with everything related to tools and products you use on Pinterest. 

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What’s New? 

New and improved Pinterest Trends tool

Introducing our new-and-improved Pinterest Trends tool! now has industry-first features, such as filters by demographic, time and place, to help you drive even more impact. The new Pinterest Trends tool will help your business win Q4 and recession proof your campaigns. You can now quickly understand what is trending with your unique audience, discover trends about the demographics that matter most to your business, and ultimately ensure every campaign is aligned to creative and targeting that match real time Pinner interests to increase performance. 

Product tagging on Idea Ads

You can now promote Idea Pins with product tags as Idea Ads on Pinterest! To tag products in an Idea Pin you can search for an existing product on Pinterest or use a link. Please note product tagging on Idea Ads is only available in the US and UK, and only on mobile at the moment. 

Updates to VMP requirements

To keep merchants connected with people on Pinterest and to keep shopping on Pinterest inspirational and actionable, we are updating our requirements to the Verified Merchant Program. All verified merchants will be required to meet these requirements in order to maintain your verified merchant status. You can see our new eligibility criteria and your verified merchant status at any time on your business hub at Please note that we will begin to roll out these changes in the coming weeks and into the new year, so you may not see the updated requirements right away. 

Did You Know?💡

If you would like to prevent an item from being distributed, we recommend listing it as OOS rather than deleting it if there is a chance that it will go back in stock. When an item is removed from a feed, this results in the data created from that item being deleted. This could cause loss of data that helps optimize product recommendations based on past performance and loss of historical reporting.

Also, we now have a page to help you get started on all things shopping on Pinterest! This is a great resource to bookmark to refer to if you are new to Pinterest shopping. Check it out! 


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Hello, thanks for your updates, but I think we have a problem with artificial intelligence. Because we keep sites with a lower rank than ours as verified vendors, but pinterest banned us from the verified vendor program

I am a software developer at kaysmar company and there may be errors in software.

it's a software bug or new update of VMP requirements

You didn't update the VMP requirements, but you evaluated us against the new VMP requirements

I think this is a problem with pinterest

Cause I know every year before black friday this set of events happen

We are trying our best to solve the problem.

The support team responds by just copy and paste from the solution template.

This is a problem for sellers like us because we spend money and advertise on this platform.

I think pinterest should give us better support.

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