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Business Product Release Notes #1

Business Product Release Notes #1

Biz Product Release Notes (1).png

Hi PBC! Welcome to our first-ever release notes roundup for businesses! Our release notes series is where you can catch up on the latest updates, announcements, known issues and more. The Product FAQ is your space to stay informed and up-to-date with everything related to tools and products you use on Pinterest. 

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What’s New? 

WooCommerce Integration

If you manage your business using WooCommerce, you’ll now be able to easily upload your products onto Pinterest. Access the Pinterest for WooCommerce integration to install the Pinterest tag and upload your product catalog in just a few simple steps. 

Catalogs and Shopping Ads Market Expansion!

Catalogs are now available in Japan, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia! Merchants in these countries can now upload their catalogs and also run shopping ads, helping you to continue to grow your audience and your sales. 

Shopping Ads Product Group Automation

Now scaling with shopping ads is as easy as uploading a catalog! You can take the guesswork out of figuring out what product groups are most effective. The Pinterest algorithm will help determine the best product groups for you based on data in your feed.


Video In Catalogs

You can now use video assets in your product catalog! Videos are an engaging way to allow Pinners to view your products from multiple angles when deciding what to buy. 

Merchant Details Market Expansion

Following its initial release in the US, merchant details are also now available in the UK, Germany, Canada, and Australia! Merchant details are a great way to showcase your brand values and the communities you represent to help Pinners shop their values. This feature is only available to eligible verified merchants and you’ll be automatically notified if you qualify. 

Merchant Shop Tab Mobile Updates

We’ve updated the look and feel of your Shop tab on the business profile on mobile! You’ll notice customized Product Group cover images and descriptions are now reflected on mobile. As well, an enhanced and optimized experience to view product groups on your Shop tab on mobile. 

Updates and Fixes 🛠


  • Missing products on Shop tab 
  • Products showing out of stock on Pinterest for Shopify Merchants
  • Business Access users unable to see the Catalog

Did You Know? 💡

Uploading your catalog unlocks results! Check out our latest campaign to understand the value and all the exciting features you get access to once you upload your catalog. We’ll also be hosting a webinar later this month, be sure to sign up for our business chapter to learn more!


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