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Announcing the Expanded Music Library for Idea Pins!

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Announcing the Expanded Music Library for Idea Pins!


Hi Creators! We are excited to announce the expansion of our music library for creators in the US! With this expansion, we’re bringing today’s top music to the platform – allowing creators to add known and trending tracks to their Idea Pins.

Pinterest is a place for inspiration, and with this expansion creators can further inspire and engage Pinners by adding their favorite songs to their content! To add music to your Idea Pins, creators will need to enter the Idea Pin creation flow (mobile only) and select the entire or a section of the Idea Pin, then click on “Music”. By default, the All Songs dropdown will be selected (unless you have indicated that the Idea Pin is for commercial use), which includes both licensed and royalty-free music. In addition, this new experience will give users the ability to search for their desired track by song title, artist, or keyword.

This feature is now available for iOS and Android users. For more information, check out our Help Center article and newsroom article.

Please be sure to rate this article if it helped you, or leave a comment below if  you have feedback or need more information around this new feature. 🌟


What is different about this music in Idea Pins launch compared to what’s currently available?

This year, we introduced the ability for creators to add royalty-free music tracks to their Idea Pins (on iOS and Android). Now we’re expanding the library to include licensed tracks (i.e. songs on the radio, well known artists, famous songs), so creators can find and add their favorite songs to Idea Pins.

How can I find and add licensed music to my Idea Pins?

You can find a step-by-step process on how to add licensed tracks under Idea Pins on this Help Center article.

Why don’t I have the option to add licensed music to my Idea Pins?

You are most likely creating an Idea Pin in a global market. Currently, licensed music is only available in the US. You might also be trying to add licensed music to a commercial-use Idea Pin, in which case you may only add royalty-free songs. 

What is the experience outside of the US?

Creators outside of the US currently do not have the option to add licensed music tracks to their Idea Pins. When watching an Idea Pin that has licensed music outside of the US, all audio (including voiceovers) will be muted for the entire duration of the pin. 


Are you excited for this update? Let us know in the comments! 🎵

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I am late to leave a comment🤭thank you so very much for the new music library👍It adds so much more to my idea pins💚


I've been waiting for this update. Can't wait to dive into the new music tracks 💗🦻🏾🎼


I'm excited and I was able to use it recently!


Can it be used when you create on a PC?


Hi,This is Smita.As I've been creating Idea pins with images or pictures mostly I would be happy if music would be introduced to add to these picture pins .I do not know if it is available as I'm from India and l have no updates regarding this.Thank u.

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