Announcing Question Stickers in Pins!

Announcing Question Stickers in Pins!



Hi Creators! We are excited to announce the launch of question stickers in Pins! Question stickers are a new way for Creators to encourage replies to a comment on their Pins – it’s also an easy way to increase engagement and dialogue opportunities with your audience! The question asked in the sticker becomes the top comment on the Pin, and any reply will appear publicly as a comment reply.

In the stickers menu within the creation flow, Creators can choose the “Add a question” sticker at the top of the menu. Creators must ensure that they’ve enabled comments on the finishing touches page in order for the sticker to work. Question stickers are currently only available for iOS users - coming to Android soon. For more information on question stickers, be sure to check out our Help Center article.

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What are Question Stickers?

Question stickers are a new way for Creators to encourage replies to a comment on their Pins. Replying to a question asked on a question sticker results in a comment reply that is visible in the Pins comments view.

Where can I see the responses to the question I asked in the sticker?

All responses are visible after submission, and they will appear in the comments as a reply to the question. 

Can I go back and edit or remove the question sticker?

Not at this time. In order to remove the question sticker, you must delete the Pin. We are exploring different methods of editing question stickers and will keep Creators updated as these become available.

What are the safety measures?

Pinners can already report the entire Pin and comment replies if they see a sticker that has sensitive language. As of Oct 26th, they can also report the individual comment. This will make the review of the Pin more efficient and lead to a swifter takedown of a Pin if needed.

Are you excited to use question stickers? Let us know in the comments! 👇

*Disclaimer: We recently announced an update to our content creation tooling on Pinterest that combines and simplifies our organic Pin formats. Due to these recent product updates, some articles posted prior to May 2023 may be out of date.


This is a great feature to have, thank you @PinterestJoan for the update. We can block certain words on comments, will this apply for the question stickers as well?


Of course, @michaelbliss! And good question, yes it will. A response with those blocked words won't appear publicly.


Thank you @PinterestJoan!  I'll test drive the new feature in the next couple of days!


This is a fun new feature! I am def. excited to check it out and see how it goes. 



This is great news thanks for sharing.



I am so excited to use this feature! I was just reading about Pinterest engagement tips so this aligns perfectly with trying new ways to encourage conversation in the comments or further exploration of Pins.


I'm incredibly excited to test out the sticker feature for my idea pins!


Very nice features. I need to look for a new iphone, so that I can start using them. 🙂


I love this new feature! I love adding music 🎶 to my videos!


I saw the sticker & thought it was a great idea. I am going to try one soon👍