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Ads Manager Workshop: FAQ Recap

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Ads Manager Workshop: FAQ Recap


We recently hosted an Ads Manager Workshop where we covered how to set up your business account, run ads, and set up campaigns. We’ve included questions from the event to share back as an additional resource. Thank you all for attending and submitting your questions. We’ve included a video recording and presentation deck below for those that were unable to attend the live session.

We hope you found the workshop helpful and we look forward to covering more topics in our next event. Fill out this form to let us know what topics you want to see covered next!

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Is learning mode 21 days or less? 

It depends on the budget, but best practice is around 2-3 weeks of learning. Conversion Campaigns have some different learning periods and require increased budgets and 7-14 days.

Can you give us a list of typical customer goals and advise us on the best type of campaign to use?

Typical Customer goals can range from, increase awareness of brand, to increased traffic to site, additionally there are Metrics like CTR, CPC, and CPA that more align with actual sales on the platform. The three campaign types to choose from are: Awareness, Traffic (Consideration), and Conversion. 

What are the most effective changes to make if customers are not making enough sales with their ads? (and please don't tell us to just increase budget - we hear that all the time)

We understand not wanting to hear about increased budgets, and the main reason why most advertisers will want you to increase budget is so that we can get out of learning mode faster. If you cannot increase budgets, it is good to have 1-4 pieces of creative when running so you can determine which creative works the best. 

Additionally, after learning you will want to look at the audiences you got in front of and remove any that do not support your sales cycle. Lastly, introducing a RTG campaign after building up your audience can help you find additional sales at a higher intent to close a sale. If you are out of learning and not seeing sales then we recommend rotating in new creative/products.

What are some things that you should not touch in the campaign settings and ads settings right after you launch a campaign? I've heard it takes some time for a new campaign to optimize after you launch it.

Do not adjust budget or campaign settings until after the learning phase is completed. Pinterest AI needs time to put your ads in the best auction place for your ads to find success. By adjusting your campaigns too early can skew data and hurt your chances of finding impactful info. We do not recommend adjusting budgets until after 7 days minimum as it will have the same effect. 

For a brand new advertiser, does Pinterest still recommend a minimum of $100 USD ad spend per day across all campaigns?

We typically recommend advertisers start with a daily budget of $100 per day. This will allow us to create at least 2 campaigns with enough budget behind to get out of learning within 2-3 weeks. Anything less can cause delays in finding initial success and can cause you to be upset with initial results on the platform. Our major focus when working with brands is what type of daily budget can you afford to run for a minimum of one month. This will give us a better idea of what campaigns you would find more success in as Pinterest is a longevity based platform for ads.

What is the minimum number of products you'd recommend a brand has before running ads?

If you have a product or service (even if it is just one), we can get ads behind it and help support your brands growth.

Do you still recommend that advertisers begin with consideration campaigns before switching to conversion campaigns?

Yes, if you have never run ads on Pinterest you should always start campaigns in consideration and then once you have enough Pinterest ATC and CO (50-100) within a 3 day window then you can move over to conversion. This will allow the AI enough time to find your best audience and it usually differs from other social sites you may have worked with before. 

If we created a separate business account but want to convert our prior personal account, can we close the latter and convert the first?

Yes, you will want to first start the process of deleting your previous business account. We recommend waiting 24-48 hours after deleting your business account before converting your personal to a business account.

When should you pick Interest over keywords or vice versa?

Interests should be selected when you are trying to get in front of people that are always interested in a product/service that you offer, whereas keywords targeting is more focused on finding consumers that are currently looking for your product or service. 

I am confused with the concept of "not over-laying ad groups." Is it ok to create one ad group & also to set demographics? (or is that considered overlaying)

You can always add on demographic targeting with your current KW and INT Targeting. We just ask that if you are looking to target a specific audience/email list that you only select that as your targeting perimeter, because if you add on KW and INT Targeting then you will have an extremely small group to go after and less likely to find any conversions.


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